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Globalvia Jons is an essential service provider under new public health guidelines published on 28 March 2020 by the Department of the Taoiseach for the period in order to reduce the impact of Covid ’19 in Ireland.

During this time we continue with all scheduled works.  During any periods of maximum public restrictions our essential services will be reduced to:

  • Vital TSCO traffic management design and implementation on our Network
  • Incident and Support Response, including Vehicle Recovery
  • Winter Maintenance
  • Safety Patrols and Inspections
  • Repairs of defects that impact the safety of the road users (e.g. safety barrier repairs, street-lighting repairs, potholes, etc.)
  • Administration to support the provision of our services

These services are vital to our responsibility to keep the Motorway Network A safe and fully accessible to ensure the country keeps on receiving essential supplies,  that ambulance/healthcare services keep on attending sick people and that the Gardai, Fire Brigade and emergency services can continue to keep us all safe.

Our staff have been strictly and faithfully following all infection prevention protocols and commenced doing so before the first confirmed case was announced in Ireland.  We continue to work as essential workers with  vital peer-to-peer distancing measures in place.  

This page will be updated following any further relevant Government Announcements.  Planned Maintenance and Renewals works may be suspended from time to time in accordance with any government operations on Network A to reduce the spread of the virus.  During any such periods, specialized staff would remain on standby for critical repairs.