Incident Response

There are four dedicated Incident Response Units (ISU’s) on the Network to provide 24/7 emergency response to any incident on the Area A Network. All vehicles are manned by trained professionals and equipped to deal with emergencies until the Emergency Services arrive. Incident Response is performed by Kelly Recovery Ltd on behalf of Globalvia Jons and also M50CL. Having the same provider for both companies allows for great flexibility in dealing with incidents.

Globalvia Jons’ patrol vehicles, used for carrying out daily patrols across the Network, are also available as back up for responding to incidents during rush hour. 

The N6 PPP Scheme Control Room is the first point of contact for all incidents from MTCC and is responsible for dispatching the appropriate ISU to each incident. Globalvia Jons also provide support response to the National Emergency services when the need arises.

MTCC provide a dedicated motorway incident line offering assistance to motorway users in difficulty on 0818-715-100 – Email: and emergency roadside telephones are provided on our network